Pons Vivi
Susanne Ansorg, fiddle and rebec
Poul H°xbro, pipe-&-tabor, percussion

At first sight this might not seem like much of a band, but there is actually a very good reason as to why these instruments often appear depicted together in medieval iconography of musicians and musical events. It is because when played with vigour, vitality and virtuosity this small combination of instruments can reveal the colourful brilliance of the music from this mysterious and marvellous time.

In the medieval age the pipe&tabor was in no way regarded as merely a gimmick of the market-place performer. It was an instrument played by highly skilled musicians in aristocratic and royal households and was even heard in churches. Research has shown that in some places in England in the 15th century pipe&tabor players were amongst the most well paid of all musicians.

The fiddle was regarded as one of the most noble of instruments, just as the violin is today. Treatises were written about the tuning and treatment of the fiddle which, according to the learned clerk Johannes de Grocheio, prevailed over all other instruments because it "included all other instruments within itself".

Susanne Ansorg and Poul H°xbro are considered to be two of the foremost exponents of their respective instruments. Through research and experimentation they are constantly discovering new possibilities for this duo constellation - following in the footsteps of their medieval ancestors.

The duo is unique in the way they bring to life the sounds, rhythms and melodies hidden within the fascinating and haunting medieval illustrations of their forefathers.

Programmes with the fabulous piper and fiddler, Ian Harrison,
and/or the breath taking and poetic joggler, Kelvin Kalvus,
as guests, is also a possibility.

Susanne Ansorg is one of the most well-known fiddle players in the field of early music. Trained at the University of Leipzig and at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis (Basle), she plays with several ensembles (among them Sequentia, Boston Camerata, The Harp Consort, Sarband and Ziriola) and performs all over Europe, in Canada, the USA, Brazil,
Japan and Australia. She gives lectures and master-classes and is also the director of ╗montalbÔneź, the most innovative medieval music festival in Europe.

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