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Music from the Johann von Bulow Collection

Poul Hoxbro & Helen Davies

Kvasirs Blod



Publication date: 2000

by Miriam Andersén og Poul Høxbro.

Music from the viking era. Join the fascinating journey back to the Viking era with exciting Viking music played by ESK on original instruments. 


by Alba

Classico CLASSCD 198 [CD]
Scandinavian Classics - Membran 220536 [CD]

Playing time: 59' 34"

Recording site and date:
Audiophon Recording Studio [1997 or prior]; Rel.: 1997 (Classico), 2011 (Membran)

Agnethe Christensen (alto), Poul Høxbro (pipe-&-tabor, psaltery, tar, triangle), Helen Davies (harp) Vocal Ensemble Con Fuoco Nina Skriver Dahl, Sanne Hägerstrand, Marie Ottar Jensen, Birgitte Kjaer, Rie Bau Lassen, Birgitte Leolnar, Helle Wagner.

Hildegard von Bingen - Music from Symphonia Hildegard von Bingen - Music from Symphonia harmonia caelestium revelationum.



by Alba (Agnethe Christensen, voice; Miriam Andersén, voice and harp; Poul Høxbro, pipe & tabor, doublepipe, triangle)

Songs by the German Minnesanger Master Rumelant written on the occasion of the Danish King Erik Klipping's death in 1286/87.

Vallåt Polska (willow flute)

Live Recording

tu tu pan pan

  • Original Release Date: March 1, 2010

  • Label: Classico

  • Copyright: (C) 2010 Classico

  • Total Length: 53:31

by Poul Høxbro

A piper journey through medieval Europe

Pipe and tabor, pipe and string drum, double pipes.




Elisabeth Holmertz, Fredrik Bock
Sounds, Sweet Airs and the Art of Longing
LAWO Classics. LWC 1042

Ars Chorelis Coeln, Maria Jonas, Amelia Cuni
raga virga - live at montâlbane
(Talanton, TAL90010)

 The Royal Danish Opera/Bo Holten
The Visit of the Royal Physician (DVD)
(DACAPO, 2.110408)

Helen Davies og Kim Skovbye
A fair Meadow - Music for Celtic Harps
(Fønix Music, FMF CD 1357)

Helen Davies - Open the door softly
(Exlibris, EXLCD 30079)

Suzanne Brøgger - SLØRET - to suiter
(Exlibris, EXLCD 30131)

Carsten Dahl - Short Fairytales
(Universal, EMARCY 170 862 9)

Musica Ficta/Bo Holten - Folkesange
(Naxos, 8.557424)

Niels Eje/MusiCure - 3. Fairy Tales
(Gefion Records, GFO 20136)

Niels Eje/MusiCure - 4. Northern Light
(Gefion Records, GFO 20138)

Niels Eje/MusiCure - 7. Horizons
(Gefion Records, GFO 20144)

Genevieve Lacey - two
(Move Records, MD 3216

Concerto Copenhagen - Scheibe Sinfonias
(Chandos, CHAN 0550)

Det fynske Kammerkor - Alle tiders jul
(Inter Music, INTCD 067)

(Sony Music, 9808-04)

Dan Laurin - Recorder Graffiti
(Intim Musik, IMCD 012)


Et barn er født i Bethlehem 

By Miriam Andersen, Agnethe Christensen & Poul Hoxbro.

 Old Yuletide Songs from Scandinavia Medieval Ensemble Alba

Sounds, sweet airs and the art of longing

by Elisabeth Holmertz – soprano Fredrik Bock – theorbo, Baroque guitarPoul Høxbro – low whistle

by Elisabeth Holmertz – soprano Fredrik Bock – theorbo, Baroque guitarPoul Høxbro – low whistle

IN DOWLAND’S FOOTSTEPS John Dowland remains, without doubt, one of the greatest British composers ever, and his music for voice and lute belongs to the standard repertoire. The generation immediately following Dowland is not as well known, yet it produced a treasure trove of stunning songs.The compositions of Henry Lawes and Nicholas Lanier are as simple as they are complex, and they leave room for creativity and interpretation. The texts, in many instances, are the same ones Dowland used, but the sound itself is timeless. 

Ralph Vaughan Williams’ songs contain traces of the folk music of times past and, as such, they have direct links with the long tradition of English song. The silver tones of low whistle and soft theorbo lend a new quality to the more or less familiar melodies. Norwegian Benedicte Torget’s modern, cool sounds composed to melancholy texts of the Brontë sisters bring us up to the present, while binding us to the past.Holmertz and Bock are a soprano-lute duo that prefers taking the less trodden path. On their previous CD they created their own musical universe of Pop and Baroque. On this album they continue their quest, joined by virtuoso Danish musician Poul Høxbro on low whistle.

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