Popular Dancing in the Great Hall 


   Poul Hxbro - pipe and tabor, dance instructions.

Chain dances carols were without question the most popular type of dances in the Middle Ages. As the dances progressed through the streets, the chains grew longer and longer as more and more people joined in the dance, which could continue for hours. Young girls donned their prettiest clothes maybe they would meet their future husband amonst the dancers! These popular dances were also adopted by the noble knights and young ladies of high society.

There are no contemporary medieval sources to tell us exactly what steps and variations were danced, but we can gain a fairly accurate idea from the 16th century dancing schools and more particularly from the descriptions of the many different Branles evidently extremely popular in the higher classes of society. These tutors are also full of important information as to the etiquette required in the ballroom!

Learn these dances and elegant gestures to the accompaniment of that most popular of medieval dance bands the pipe and tabor.

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